Sheep wool insulation for yurts

In a yurt you feel the close, deep connection to nature and the environment. The natural building material in a yurt also ensures spiritual balance. A coherent and efficient thermal insulation for a year-round yurt is insulation with healthy sheep's wool.

Traditional yurt

You will find this traditional yurt in a quiet location on the edge of the forest. The natural building materials include our sheep's wool for insulation.

Planning and Implementation: Jonatan Verhelst,


Handmade yurt

In the Austrian Mur-Valley, Thomas Kaiser and his team manufacture yurts by hand according to customer specifications. ISOLENA sheep's wool provides healthy thermal insulation.

Planung und Umsetzung:, Thomas Kaiser

Winterproof yurt, CH

In an idyllic location in the midst of the Swiss mountains, this yurt has found its ideal location and is insulated for the winter with ISOLENA sheep's wool. 

Planning and Implementation: Jurtenwerkstatt OG


Yurt kindergarten at Nepperberg, DE

Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten

The nature kindergarten in Schwäbisch Gmünd was built in 2020. It is a place for playing, learning and living together. The LivingCircle is insulated with healthy ISOLENA sheep's wool.

Implementation: LivingCircles GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd