Versatile insulation


Ceiling insulation

Suitable products: Optimal, Premium, Optimal Plus, Klemmfilz, Acoustic felt

Roof insulation

Suitable products: Optimal, Premium

Facade insulation

Suitable products: Optimal, Premium, Klemmfilz

Interior walls

Suitable products: Optimal, Klemmfilz

Floor insulation

Suitable products: Optimal, Acoustic Felt, Joist Strips, Acoustic Underlay Felt

Sound insulation

Suitable products: Acoustic Underlay Felt

Window insulation

Suitable products: Window Filler, Loose Wool

Door insulation

Suitable products: Window Filler, Loose Wool
Sustainable raw materials

Healthy insulation

Certified quality and safety

ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation goes through many technical tests and has been awarded the international NaturePlus® quality seal as well as the European Technical Approval (ETA).

The innovative Ionic Protect® wool protection: don't give moths a chance.

Ionic Protect® could well be the most valuable invention since virgin sheep's wool has been found out to be the perfect insulating material. It guarantees 100% protection against moths and insects, is completely biocide-free and tested according to EAD/CUAP.
Naturally good:

Pros of sheep's wool 

Nature has given us a unique and sustainable raw material, the use of which is now a global priority of the highest order.

Delivers best insulation values

Healthy and sustainable virgin sheep's wool naturally achieves the best insulation values and offers a unique combination of product benefits like no other insulation material.

Ensures healthy indoor air

Sheep's wool can purify indoor air, cleansing rooms of many odours and pollutants (such as the widespread formaldehyde, for example) within a very short time. 

Regulates the humidity

Sheep's wool can absorb up to 33% of its own weight in moisture without losing its insulating effect. In a dry environment, the wool releases the moisture again.

Reliable fire protection

The natural fibre of sheep's wool has a self-ignition temperature of 560 - 600° C. This is about twice as high as wood (270° C). It shrivels away from any heat source without the material melting. 

Effective sound insulation

Due to the different fibre fineness of the wool fibre, sheep's wool has very good sound absorption properties and is therefore suitable for more challenging acoustic optimisations.

Post watch raw material

Virgin sheep's wool is a renewable resource and 100% compostable. ISOLENA wool is selected according to ecological standards and contains no insecticides.


Und hier ein bisschen Text zu den verschiedenen Projekten damit man sich da schon mal was vorstellen kann. Toller Einsatz der Wolle und so. 

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