Foodpackaging from virgin sheep's wool

Sustainable. Healthy. Innovative.

The mail order business is growing from year to year. But so are the demands for more sustainability. With insulating packaging made of sheep's wool and paper, ecological and high-quality packaging is made easy.

Food packaging

The demand for online shipping has increased steadily in recent years - even in the sensitive food sector. Not only the choice of suppliers, the simplicity of ordering, but also the security of orders has increased. But the mail order business in particular is extremely resource-intensive due to the amount of packaging materials used and thus has a massive impact on the environment. Insulating packaging made of sheep's wool is a sustainable, ecological and healthy alternative with countless advantages over conventional plastic packaging.

Sheep's wool packaging under the microscope

Recycable Packaging Recycable Packaging
Packaging in the food sector Packaging in the food sector
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Sheep's wool - the natural alternative to packaging materials Sheep's wool - the natural alternative to packaging materials
Sustainable through and through

Lehner Wool does not use any chemicals, biocides, adhesives or synthetic support fibres in 100% of its production. The two ultimate goals are the reusable cycle and the regional value chain. The latter guarantees fast and smooth availability.

The entire manufacturing process is climate-friendly and the sheep's wool is 100 % compostable.

Food delivery Food delivery
Ideally insulated

By nature, sheep's wool achieves the best insulation values, as its thermal conductivity is just 0.035 W/mK. This means that even foodstuffs stay fresh for up to 48 hours, something that our partners and their customers have put to the test many times in their everyday shipping business. Packaging made of sheep's wool can thus easily keep up with other conventional packaging such as Styrofoam. Perfect for optimal insulation during transport.

Online mail order Online mail order

Sheep's wool is hygroscopic. This means that it can bind up to 33% of its own weight in moisture.

So what does this mean for the food parcel? If the humidity in the package is too high, the sheep's wool absorbs the moisture. If the air is too dry, it releases it again. Sheep's wool also has the great property of neutralising odours.

Afterwards, the packaging can be easily and 100% composted, where the sheep's wool has even more advantages: sheep's wool is a natural fertiliser, so your plants will also be happy about your order.


Storage Storage
Wooly light storage

ISOLENA packaging requires up to 90 % less storage than polystyrene. The sheep's wool thus saves space and weight, which is often also a cost factor, especially in the mail order business.

Whether ready-made or in rolls, with or without paper lamination – the customer decides how he wants the packaging. We are happy to develop customised products made of 100 % sheep's wool for individual customer requirements or special solutions.

Tested quality Tested quality
Mail order Mail order

Insulated packaging has been LCA tested in over 1000 internal and external climate tests:

To verify the performance of our packaging, we have conducted a series of tests known as Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). These tests include a series of tests carried out to assess the impact of our packaging on the environment. The tests include assessing emissions, water and energy consumption, as well as the product's reusability and recyclability.

This has enabled us to ensure that our packaging meets the highest standards of protection and performance.

Our packaging is robust and can be used in a wide range of applications. By using natural sheep's wool as an insulating material, we ensure that our packaging has a long lifespan while protecting the environment.

Individual and flexible

By adapting traditional wool craft machines, we can develop customised products made from 100% sheep's wool, such as sustainable packaging solutions. The combination of reusable recycled packaging and machines that can do more helps to reduce packaging waste.

Whether in rolls, made up or with paper lamination, as packaging or pure filling material - at Lehner Wool everything is possible on request.

Optimally packed

Sheep wool packaging material Sheep wool packaging material

Thermal insulation
The 100% virgin sheep's wool inlay perfectly insulates the delivery and prevents possible damage to the product during transport.

Individual sizes

Sheep wool packaging material Sheep wool packaging material

Suitable for all requirements
Depending on your requirements, the packaging can be produced in different sizes. Confectioned, as rolls, with or without paper lamination – everything is possible on request.

"Optimal" insulation on rolls

Sheep wool packaging material Sheep wool packaging material

For the insulating interior of food packaging, we like to use our "Optimal" insulation, which is also available by the roll for individual further processing.

"Acoustic Underlay Felt" on rolls

Sheep wool packaging material Sheep wool packaging material

ISOLENA Schallfilz
Admittedly, acoustic optimization is not all that important for food. But our acoustic underlay felt is thin and has excellent insulation values, which makes it perfect for food packaging.


Helga Haslehner

Helga knows our sheep's wool products inside out. Anyone seeking advice from our experienced insulation expert will be helped to a high standard.