Natural insulation in timber constructions


Despite the good insulating properties of the raw material wood itself, this is often not sufficient to meet today's requirements for energy efficiency, technical suitability and living comfort. We show you what is important and provide you with a fair comparison of insulation materials.
Thermal insulation in timber construction


What building trends are in? What do you need to consider when choosing insulation? How does roof insulation, floor insulation or window insulation work? In our know-how section you will always find new articles to browse, inspire and read.


Great climate

Healthy living includes a healthy indoor climate. We come into contact with more pollutants through indoor air than through food. We have summarized the right measures for prevention and improvement.


Van Conversion

Sandra and Joriën have fulfilled their dream: They live in a van. In the interview they talk about the van conversion and what they think of sheep's wool as van insulation.


Breathe easy without formaldehyde

Europeans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. For the sake of energy efficiency, these are well sealed. This keeps the heat in the room - but unfortunately also the pollutants.


Construction Foam Alternative

Healthy and sustainable building also means paying attention to hidden details: When installing doors and windows, practical but questionable installation foam is often used.


Pure nature: Scandinavian Blockhaus

Healthy, sustainable and ecological - three words that are becoming increasingly important today. At Scandinavian Blockhaus, these words have been the basic principles from the very beginning.


Breathe easy thanks to sheep wool

Due to a too high concentration of formaldehyde, the Oberstufenzentrum Ost in Felben-Wellhausen had to be renovated. With sheep's wool, the concentration could be lowered.


7 Myths about sheep's wool insulation

Are you planning to build a house, an extension or a renovation? If healthy indoor air and natural materials are important to you, you will also consider sheep's wool insulation.


Wool protection against pests

The decision for the right insulation depends on many criteria. Important is a wool protection against moths and other wool pests. The insulation should function permanently and be free of pests.