TEAM-7-Platz 1, AT-4910 Ried im Innkreis

Sustainable company headquarters

  Company headquarters front view (Photo: TEAM 7)  

  View with inner courtyard (Photo: TEAM 7)  

   Acoustic ceiling with ISOLENA "Klemmfilz" (Photo: TEAM 7)  

   Acoustic ceiling with ISOLENA "Klemmfilz" (Photo: TEAM 7)  

   Showroom Acoustic ceiling with "Klemmfilz" (Photo: TEAM 7)  

With TEAM 7, we welcome a customer that is all about design, craftsmanship and sustainability. Values that we also live by, that's why we are particularly pleased about this partnership: our products are part of the new company headquarters of the renowned natural furniture manufacturer. 

TEAM 7 World is more than just an office building– a sustainable and energy-efficient office, exhibition and event space has been created on a site area of over 5300m². With 180 workstations, the four-storey timber frame construction offers a healthy and aesthetic working environment. In the world's largest TEAM 7 store, guests can experience high-quality, sustainable living at first hand. Adjacent to the store, the MYC restaurant offers regionally rooted cuisine.

The consistent use of wood as a building material in the construction of the company headquarters draws a clear line to the high-quality natural wood furniture from TEAM 7.

The selection of other building materials was also based on ecological criteria, as the building needed to be as free of harmful chemical materials as possible.

TEAM 7 became aware of the ISOLENA and Silentum insulation materials and acoustic products through the Matulik architects' office. TEAM 7 has positive memories of the collaboration: reliable delivery promises as well as solution-orientated and communicative advice ensured a constructive and pleasant process. 

The integration of ISOLENA products creates a feel-good climate and helps to preserve the quiet atmosphere of the timber construction – a perfect complement to the high-quality furniture and the sustainable philosophy of TEAM 7.

Implemented by:

Client / Principal
TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

Architectural office Matulik

Installation of ISOLENA acoustic products
Joinery Grömmer GmbH
SPERER Acoustics GmbH

Planning and production of acoustic ceiling
woody by Teamwork

Picture Credits:
© TEAM 7

The sustainable, forward-looking architecture of the TEAM 7 world has created a home for our brand that reflects our values. Ecological materials, a highly efficient energy concept and modern aesthetics epitomise the high standards with which we also manufacture our natural wood furniture.

Dr. Georg Emprechtinger
CEO and managing owner

"We were able to score points with TEAM 7 with our ecological insulation material, which also has a good effect on the indoor climate."

Helga Haslehner
ISOLENA Sales Manager

"We are delighted that TEAM 7 has decided to use our ISOLENA and Silentum products in this flagship project in terms of sustainability," says Helga Haslehner, Sales Manager at ISOLENA.

 "Our natural products have now become part of the TEAM 7 world, both in the core of the building and in the visible areas: For example, the acoustic underlay felt in the balustrade and wall panelling and the «Klemmfilz» in the suspended acoustic ceilings and 

ceilings and meeting boxes also contribute to sound insulation," Helga continues.

What she particularly likes: "The Silentum acoustic felt on the restaurant ceiling has two effects: on the one hand, it has a sound-absorbing effect and brings atmosphere into the busy rooms. Secondly, the printed forest motif emphasises the natural feeling in the building and the felt on the ceiling is an eye-catcher," Helga concludes.

Used in the project:

ISOLENA Klemmfilz

Heat and sound insulation
Thickness: 30-80 mm
Thermal conductivity λtr: 0,033 W/mK
Fire behaviour: D-s2, d0; CH: RF3

ISOLENA Acoustic Underlay Felt

Sound insulation
Thickness: 9 mm
Fire behaviour: C-s2, d0; CH: RF2
Length-related flow resistance r: 29,5 kPa s/m²

Silentum acoustic felt 

Silentum Akustikfilz Silentum Akustikfilz

Sound absorption
Thickness: 9mm
100% virgin sheep's wool
Biocide-free Ionic Protect® wool protection


Breathe easy without formaldehyde

Europeans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. For the sake of energy efficiency, these are well sealed. This keeps the heat in the room - but unfortunately also the pollutants.


The insulating material sheep's wool

Sheep's wool is the only naturally occurring insulating material that keeps you warm as well as protecting you from heat, cold and moisture. This uniqueness makes sheep's wool an unbeatable insulation material.

Insulation expert

Helga Haslehner

Helga knows our sheep's wool products inside out. Anyone seeking advice from our experienced insulation expert will be helped to a high standard.