Residential project Taborama, AT-1020 Vienna

Healthy high rise insulation

  Taborama Apartment House Vienna  

  The first high-rise building with natural sheep's wool insulation  

   Insulating with sheep's wool  

  213 Condominium with natural insulation    

  Common areas for all residents  

  Communal areas also on the roof: from pool to garden  

The "Taborama" residential tower rises 60 metres into the sky in Vienna's Leopoldstadt district. The residential building literally has it all: it is the first high-rise in Austria in which natural sheep's wool was used as ecological interior insulation throughout the entire residential tower.

The sustainable residential building in Vienna's Nordbahnviertel district houses a total of 213 condominiums on 19 floors. The flats' diverse floor plans offer maximum flexibility, while generous private open spaces invite you to relax. In addition, there are numerous communal areas, including a garden area and a chic rooftop pool at a lofty height.

But the most exciting thing about this project is that the residential building combines extreme comfort with an environmentally friendly approach. During the construction of the Taborama, special emphasis was placed on energy-efficient solutions, low energy consumption and optimal thermal insulation. And this is where we come in with our sustainable ISOLENA thermal insulation.

The Taborama high-rise sets a milestone in sustainable construction by using 29,000 m² of sheep's wool as interior insulation for the first time. The use of this ecological insulation material alone saved 47,000 kg of CO2 in the Taborama project compared to conventional mineral wool.

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STRABAG Real Estate

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The use of the particularly sustainable and ecological sheep's wool as interior insulation is trend-setting for multi-storey residential construction and is to be used in future not only in STRABAG Real Estate's large-scale residential projects, but also in commercial construction both nationally and internationally.

Reinhard Hoch
STRABAG Real Estate Project Manager

"The CO2 savings and health benefits of our sheep's wool insulation ultimately convinced the STRABAG project team."

Helga Haslehner
ISOLENA Sales Manager

Ecological and sustainable values and principles played a major role in the planning and construction. The modern Taborama high-rise complies with the class A low-energy standard and is declared a klimaaktiv building in accordance with the quality requirements of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Protection.

 "The origin, quality and production of our ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation was also critically scrutinised," says Helga Haslehner, project manager for the STRABAG project at ISOLENA.

"We use 100 % pure new wool as the raw material. No adhesives or synthetic support fibres are used in further processing. In addition to the excellent CO2 balance, the health aspect was also an important decision criterion for STRABAG. When choosing the insulation material, those responsible finally decided in favour of our high-quality sheep's wool insulation and thus also in favour of the environment and the quality of life of the residents," Helga Haslehner concludes her project feedback.


Used in the project:

Schafwolldämmung ISOLENA Optimal Schafwolldämmung ISOLENA Optimal


  • Thickness: 30-140 mm
  • Thermal conductivity λtr:
    0.038 W/mK
  • Density: 18 kg/m³
Schafwolldämmung ISOLENA Optimal Schafwolldämmung ISOLENA Optimal


  • Thickness: 30-80 mm
  • Thermal conductivity λtr:
    0.035 W/mK
  • Density: 22 kg/m³


Breathe easy without formaldehyde

Europeans spend an average of 90% of their time indoors. For the sake of energy efficiency, these are well sealed. This keeps the heat in the room - but unfortunately also the pollutants.


The insulating material sheep's wool

Sheep's wool is the only naturally occurring insulating material that keeps you warm and protects you from heat, cold and moisture. The uniqueness makes sheep's wool an unbeatable insulation.

Insulation expert

Helga Haslehner

Helga knows our sheep's wool products inside out. Anyone seeking advice from our experienced insulation expert will be helped to a high standard.