Sheep's wool insulation

ISOLENA Loose Wool

Density: Density of 18 kg/m3 is sufficient
Application: Window- and Hollow Space Insulation, Wooden Construction 

Our ISOLENA Loose Wool insulation is made of 100% wool and is renewable, durable, recyclable and manufactured without synthetic additives.

  • The loose wool fibers are aligned and processed into a wool fleece (= carded) to produce the loose ISOLENA wool.
  • Carded wool fleece for filling joints and cracks between beams, walls and hollow spaces on windows and doors.
  • Darning wool is also suitable for roof windows in the roofing frame.
  • For insulation, fill up the hollow spaces with a scrapper or spread the loose wool fleece manually.

Form of delivery

We offer ISOLENA loose sheep wool insulation as follows:

  • Art-Nr.: 150029
  • Item/PU: 1 Item
  • kg/PU: 5,00 kg
  • Form of delivery: 1 item or Pal20 with 20 pcs. (0,60 ldm)

Technical data

European technical approval ETA-07/0214 Download
Nature Plus® 0103-1006-099-1 Download
Thermal conductivity λtr 0,038 W/mK  
Vapour diffusion resistance factor μ 1  
Specific heat capacity c 1760 J/kgK  
Fire behaviour according to EN 13501-1 D-s2, d0; CH: RF3  
Mould growth intensity according to EN ISO 846 0  

Ecological parameters

ISOLENA insulation materials have the following ecological parameters according to the NaturePlus® life cycle analysis report:

  • Use of non-renewable primary energy without the non-renewable primary energy carriers used as raw material (PENRE
    [MJ, lower calorific value]):  23,44 MJ/kg
  • Global warming potential Total of GHG emissions and CO2 storage (GWP 100 total): 0,83 kg CO2-equiv./kg
  • Acidification potential of soil and water (AP): 4,63E-03 kg SO2-equiv./kg
  • Potential for the formation of tropospheric ozone (POCP): 8,04E-04 kg C2H4-equiv./kg
  • Eutrophication potential (EP): 2,08E-03 kg PO4³-equiv./kg

IONIC PROTECT® Wool protection

IONIC PROTECT® is a biocide-free process developed by ISOLENA and protected by a trademark patent to protect wool.

Plasma ion treatment of the wool fibres protects them from all negative influences that can occur in construction. This gives moths and insects no chance to thrive. In addition, our products can be stored indefinitely thanks to the wool protection.

We present you with these terms in writing with the ECO/CUAP test report ECO-P16002-15017 and our product promise.



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