Log house sheep's wool insulation

The energy efficiency of the natural log house or natural trunk house depends on the wall construction and the insulation material used. Healthy and sustainable sheep's wool insulation not only blends well with construction using natural materials, but also provides excellent insulation values.

Blockhouse Gonzen, CH

Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten

At the foot of the Gonzen in Sarganserland, lies this log house, built with a great love of craftsmanship and attention to detail, insulated with our natural sheep's wool.

Planning and realisation: Brädäx GmbH, Gonten, CH

House Dolezal, CZ  

The natural log house in the Prague area is rustic and modern at the same time. The thermal insulation in the ceilings, walls and floor is made of sheep's wool.

Client: Oto Dolezal | Architect: Ing. Sihelník Zdenêk | Implementation: Oto Dolezal, Monvet s.r.o.


Blockhouse 'Abendrot'

Modern and flooded with light, this log house has numerous windows. ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation is used for thermal insulation.

Planning and Implementation: Scandinavian Blockhaus BauGmbH

Blockhouse 'Weinberg'

The angled storey construction gives this log house its special character. The thermal insulation is made with ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation.

Planning and Implementation: Scandinavian Blockhaus BauGmbH

Classic Blockhouse

This log cabin is built in a classic style. To keep the inside of this charming house cosy and warm, it was insulated with sheep's wool.

Planning and Implementation: Scandinavian Blockhaus BauGmbH

Modern natural log house

This natural log house is traditional and modern at the same time. It was insulated with high-quality ISOLENA 'Premium' sheep's wool insulation.

Planning and Implementation: eb Haus GmbH


Natural log house CZ

The rustic look of the tree trunks is rounded off inside the house with a warm, homely interior style. ISOLENA 'Optimal' sheep's wool insulation provides healthy insulation.

Planning and Implementation: Zdeno Pavľák


Blockhouse Erlen, CH

This cosy detached house in Ennetaach, Switzerland, is not only insulated with sheep's wool between the logs, but also on all other insulation levels.

Implementation: Hans Koster Blockhausbau 


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