Public and commercial buildings

Sheep wool insulation is also the right, healthy choice for large public and commercial building projects. Our references show you the wide range of possible applications: In a hotel, a supermarket, a community centre or even a festival hall, sheep's wool provides thermal and sound insulation.

TEAM 7 World, AT

Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten

A sustainable and future-orientated building has been created with the TEAM 7 brand world. ISOLENA and Silentum products provide sound insulation and sound absorption.

Client: TEAM 7 Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

Kindergarten Mondsee, AT

The well-being of the children is the focus of the Montessori Forest Kindergarten. This is one of the reasons why the new building, constructed in 2008, is completely insulated with healthy ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation.

Client: Montessori Waldkindergarten | Architect: DI David Ebner | Implementation: Jakob Ebner BauGmbH


Bregenzer Festival Theatre, AT

Talented artists provide harmonious sounds in the Festspielhaus Bregenz, as well as an acoustic ceiling with ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation.

Client: Amt der Landeshauptstadt Bregenz | Architect: Architecten ZT GmbH | Implementation: Trockenbau GmbH Munich


Taborama housing project, Vienna

Healthy high-rise insulation

The Taborama literally has it all: it is the first high-rise building in Austria in which natural sheep's wool was used as ecological interior insulation. 29,000 m² of ISOLENA insulating material provide insulation, good air and a pleasing CO2 balance.
The Taborama Project

Yurt kindergarten at Nepperberg, DE

Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten Dämmung Jurtenkindergarten

The nature kindergarten in Schwäbisch Gmünd was built in 2020. It is a place for playing, learning and living together. The LivingCircle is insulated with healthy ISOLENA sheep's wool.

Implementation: LivingCircles GmbH, Schwäbisch Gmünd


Shelbourne Hotel Dublin, IE

The sophisticated 5* hotel with its noble brick façade has a history of almost two hundred years. During the renovation of this exclusive hotel, the ceiling and the attic were insulated with sheep's wool. 

Client: Kennedy Wilson | Architect: Lindsay Conservation Architects | Executing: Acol Ltd - Specialised Building Restoration


Gymnasium Dachsberg sports hall

In the new sports hall of the Dachsberg grammar school, a ceiling with Heradesign acoustic panels ensures good sound. The sound insulation is supported by a ceiling structure with healthy ISOLENA sheep's wool.

Client: Gymnasium Dachsberg | Architect: Matulik Architecten


Spar Climate Protection Supermarket, AT

With its climate protection stores, the traditional company Spar set new standards in the construction of its supermarket branches. The branch in Linz-Froschberg is characterised by wall insulation with healthy sheep's wool, among other things.

Client: Spar Österreichische Warenhandesls-AG | Architect: DI Reihnhold Kroh | Implementation: Secco Construct GmbH


Company building Multikraft, AT

The climate-neutral family business Multikraft has renovated its company building in the 350-year-old Hausruck-Hof in an energy-saving way and used high-quality sheep's wool insulation for the roof, floor and partly the walls.

Client: Firma Multikraft | Architect: Architecturbüro Arkade ZT GmbH | Implementation: Hema Holzbau


Community Centre Ludesch, AT

The house was built as part of the ecologically and sustainably oriented "House of the Future" programme. The partition walls and acoustic ceilings are insulated with healthy ISOLENA sheep's wool.

Client: Community Ludesch | Architect: Architecturbüro DI Hermann Kaufmann | Executing: ARGE Wucher Bauunternehmen GmbH & CO KG and SUTTER Holzbau GesmbH


Mountain Lodge Laresch, CH

The 'Pensiun Laresch' in Mathon, Switzerland, has placed a charming eye-catcher in the mountains of Bünden with its small mountain lodge. The lodge is made of natural building materials and is completely thermally insulated with healthy sheep's wool insulation.

Client: Pensiun Laresch | Architect: Bellevue Studio


Vogl acoustic ceilings

The company Vogl has over 50 years of experience in the development of ceiling systems and they also offer acoustic panels with sheep's wool insulation in their range.  

Development and Implementation: Vogl Deckensysteme GmbH