Sheep wool insulation in a tiny house and vans

Are you building a tiny house and looking for lightweight insulation with good insulation values that is easy to use? ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation has proven itself in many projects and provides not only efficient thermal insulation but also a good indoor climate.

Surfpoint Tiny House, IT

At Lake Idro, takes care of everything to do with surfing and biking. The base station for this is the mobile tiny house, completely insulated with ISOLENA 'Optimal'.

Client: | Architect: Lisa Posch | Executing: Florian Radner,


Living Box 'Cauma', CH

Purely natural materials are used in the construction of the 'Cauma' living box. The Cauma team produces the box in different sizes depending on requirements. Insulation is provided all around with sustainable sheep's wool insulation.

Client: Caumabox AG | Architect: Bellevue s.a.r.l. | Executing: Tarcisi Maissen


Mountain Lodge Laresch, CH

The 'Pensiun Laresch' in Mathon, Switzerland, has placed a charming eye-catcher in the mountains of Bünden with its small mountain lodge. The lodge is made of natural building materials and is completely thermally insulated with healthy sheep's wool insulation.

Client: Pensiun Laresch | Architect: Bellevue Studio



Autarky in A tiny house

Wohnwagon is a pioneer in the planning and production of self-sufficient, mobile Tiny Houses. A healthy living environment and sustainability are central to their vision, which is why we work with natural building materials such as our sheep's wool insulation.

Cedar tiny house

This tiny house made of durable cedar wood is picturesquely embedded in a green environment. ISOLENA sheep's wool insulation was used throughout the building process.

Planning and Implementation: Tiny House Diekmann, Heinz Diekmann Schreinerei and Zimmerei GmbH


Van Conversion, NL

Sandra and Joriën are living in a Van. In this interview they are talking about the conversion, about sheep wool as van insulation and more.

DIY project by Sandra and Joriën